How we help clients

    • Capital Productivity
    • Conventional Generation
    • Corporate Transformation
    • Electric Transmission & Distribution
    • Marketing, Trading & Risk
    • Market Perspectives & Regulatory
    • Midstream & Downstream
      Natural Gas
    • Renewable Energy
    • Retail & New Downstream
    • Water & Waste
    • Nuclear Generation
    employees from around
    the world
    happy clients from largest
    offices in 6 counties


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    Our people

    Chuck Hicks

    Network Engineer

    Chuck Hicks joined C-Forward in 2017 with a vast array of technical experience. He att…

    Chuckie Hatmaker

    Service Response Technician

    Chuckie Hatmaker is a Service Response Technician at C-Forward. After graduating from…

    Susan Walker

    Network Engineer

    Susan Walker is a Network Engineer and a valuable asset of C-Forward.  She is the go-to…

    Randy Hamlin

    Network Technician

    Randy Hamlin is a Network Technicians with more than 20 years in the computer industry.…